SciFilmIt Hackathon Basel

The current Covid-19 situation has now reached a critical point in Switzerland. As we are all Scientists at heart in the SciFilmIt Hackathon Basel team, we trust in the scientific evidence and strongly believe that we are all responsible for the safety and well-being of the people around us. As a result, we will be postponing the upcoming Hackathon.
We have made this decision in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government, Canton and University. As a courtesy to you all – the Scientists, Mentors, Black-boxes and Filmmakers – who are the backbone of this event, please understand, we have to be proactive and react early.
As organizers, we have also put a lot of energy and heart into preparing for the hackathon and were looking forward to working with all of you. Hence, why we decided not to cancel, but rather postpone the event. We hope you will still be as excited as we are to have this hackathon once we can pick it up later in the year.
The next two to three weeks will be decisive in how the situation in Switzerland will continue. We hope we can update you on an approximate time frame of the postponed Hackathon by then.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Kind regards,
The SciFilmIt Hackathon Basel Team

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you the second SciFilmIt Hackathon in Basel. It is time to spread the word about scientific research in Basel to the world through the medium of film.

This is a unique opportunity for scientists, scientist enthusiasts and filmmakers to get inspired, synergize and tell stories about science. Throughout the hackathon, you will be mentored by experts in storytelling, science communication, team-work and filmmaking, to make sure that your films are amazing at the end. 

The hackathon will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2020 at the University of Basel. Your films will then be screened at the Natural History Museum in Basel on the evening of April 8th for free to the public of Basel. Applications are now accepted through the link below. The deadline is the 10th of March 2020. Our team will then review all your applications and will notify you latest on the 20th of March. All accepted applicants will be invited to join the hackathon free of charge. See you very soon!

Organizing Team

These are the people behind the SciFilmIt Hackathon in Basel. We’re all doing a PhD in various fields of science and are passionate about science communication. It sparks joy and inspiration, gives us the opportunity to dive into different scientific and creative topics and allows us to prove, thrive on and explore our skills. All our project roles are assigned to an animal due to their characteristics, anatomy, ability, spirit…Don’t judge us. We’re creative weirdos.


Seun is the Project Manager (aka Panda). She’s the glue of the team, has an overview of all the bits and bobs of the event administration including finances. She’s an infection biologist and currently doing a PhD in biomedical sciences at the University of Bern. After participating in a filmmaking workshop for scientists, she became drawn to science communication via film and subsequently participated in the Basel Hackathon 2019, where she wrote the screenplay for Vaxinopolis. While still finding out, where her interests lie, she loves the process of discovering them and herself at the same time. As an avid learner, she is constantly perfecting her Japanese and Korean language skills and if winter is coming, snowboarding.

Renate is the Science Communicator (aka Saola). She is responsible for finding mentors who fit with the aims of our Hackathon and can share their expertise in science, filmmaking and science communication. As a cognitive neuroscientist – originally from the Netherlands – she’s a PhD candidate in Clinical Research at the University of Basel, her research is primarily focused on prediction and treatment in psychotic disorders. She joined SciFilmIt because she wants to bring science to the people (in her own words: “make science sexy”). From time to time, she runs her own silly experiments such as ‘How do people write 8’. In her free time, she enjoys a good glass of wine and is a fanatic Korfball player.



Christina is the Logistics Manager (aka Lyrebird). In this role, she’s organizing the locations, food, takes care of access and security and everything so that the whole event runs smooth (e.g. bringing her own coffee machine to assure good quality coffee). She’s doing a PhD in microbiology at the University of Basel with a keen interest in science communication, which is why she participated in the Hackathon in Basel last year, where her portrayals of mammalian motherliness in Lively Dinner Table brought much laughter to all. Besides science, this native Austrian is a world explorer with memorabilia from every visited country. When she isn’t traveling, she’s trying new recipes or crafting new designs.

Fabienne is the Film and Tech Manager (aka Triceratops). She is our «Tech-Queen» and is responsible for all things technology-related to the Hackathon, like cameras…lights…and maybe action? After a short venture into illustration and animation, she studied biology/biotechnology and eventually epidemiology at the University of Basel, ETH Zurich and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in epidemiology and public health at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel. She is a lover of all things animations and was the scientific illustrator for the short film, Lively Dinner Table, during the Basel Hackathon 2019. On a rainy day, she can binge-watch the full LOTR-trilogy and will quote you down on any specific scene from the movies.