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SciFilmIt brings together the worlds of science and film, the worlds of scientific truth and emotive story. 

SciFilmIt was selected as a finalist in the science communication section for Science Breakthroughs of the Year at the Falling Walls Engage Conference.

Though we were not selected as the overall winner, we were delighted to have been involved in this event and honored to have been selected. We also ran a workshop at Berlin Science Week. We used our many years of experience to bring some rules for science filmmaking to the participants. The links below will take you to the video and the workshop information page.

It’s been a challenging time for many people across the world. We send out our sincere condolences to those who have been affected. We also send our immense gratitude to those people who have been on the front line helping those who are unwell, carrying out research and ensuring that we have enough infrastructure to continue with some normalcy. We trust in the science and we encourage everyone to follow the advice given to them by their governing bodies in combination with the advice given by the WHO.

The SciFilmIt team is working to bring science filmmaking back to scientists, artists and the public and we look forward to safe and secure events in the near future.


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